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Never miss a call again.

Customers in another state will be able to do business because you have a toll free number.

Not every household has long distance, remember some folks still use landline with no long distance plans. With Kall8 follow me anywhere 800 service, you can route a custom 800 number to your business or residence and change it at anytime using a secure web site. Use one of these 877, 888, 866, 800 phone numbers or use one of your existing numbers by transferring it over.
A personal toll free number (also referred to as an 800 number) is a service where the person receiving the call pays for the call, rather than the caller. This allows children in college, family or friends to call you at no cost to them. This is a cost effective alternative to calling cards, pay phones or calling collect. If you are a business owner, it would be a great idea to get a toll free number. You can get cheaper toll free service which is also good for residential consumers. Transfer your existing toll free number to one of our toll free providers or get a vanity toll free number at no additional cost. Any phone number beginning with 800, 888, 877 or 866 is a toll free number. Click here for Kall8 toll free numbers.

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